ECT Mold Making

Modern society is and ever changing scene and only those who are willing to adapt will survive and thrive. Adult education plays a very important role in helping displaced workers or dissatisfied employees to find a new direction in their life.

For example: my good friend, John McHugh worked for years as a high-end cabinet maker. Once the overall economy decided to take a huge downturn he found himself without any clients.

For an older man, in his late 40’s, this could have been a tremendous setback. Fortunately for my friend he was able to make use of his local community college and continue his education. This eventually led to John finding work as a technician at a local manufacturing company.


Good Fields to consider

  • Engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Plastic Injection Mold Maker
  • STEM programs
  • Mold Designer

Mold making and injection molding are especially in demand. Mold making programs are difficult to find and offer excellent opportunities. Several schools offer excellent courses to help the aspiring mold maker to get started.

Sometimes you might be tempted to think there are no Americans pursuing higher education in the STEM programs, and you might be right. Of course, there are native young people in these programs, but their percentages are small.

My daughter attends and works at Dartmouth University, in Hanover, New Hampshire. One quick look around the campus and you quickly observe that there are literally thousands of Asians on campus.

A further investigation will lead you to the observation that the math, science, engineering and technology programs are heavily represented by foreigners. This should say something to the people who complain about foreigners, as if they are some kind of plague.

Mold making in particular is field that is nearly always in high demand, though you might not ever hear about it. For some odd reason this area of study is overlooked in surveys and studies.  In many ways it is like an unknown field of expertise.



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